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On August 23rd, 2007 — the very day Packouz was supposed to sign the settlement papers with Diveroli — federal agents raided AEY’s offices in Miami Beach. He started coming in late and knocking off early. After six years of fighting, Al Qaeda remained a menace, the Taliban were resurgent, and NATO casualties were rising sharply. War Dogs (2016) Plot. He immediately called Packouz, who was driving along the interstate. He was stressed out, working around the clock, negotiating multimillion-dollar purchases and arranging for transportation. Bidding on defense contracts is a speculative business — laborious, time-consuming, with no prize for second place. He would do anything to make money.”, To master the art of federal contracts, Packouz studied the solicitations posted on fbo.gov. Afghanistan, guns, Iraq. Watch the trailer for ‘War Dogs,’ starring Jonah Hill and Miles Teller. It needed proxies to do its dirty work — companies like AEY. The pair met at Diveroli’s apartment to smoke a joint and discuss strategy. The military officials receiving the ammo in Kabul had to know it was Chinese: Every round is stamped with the place of manufacture, as any soldier knows. “I took acid by the Dead Sea,” Packouz says. We were so stupid. Like all the kids in their pot-smoking circle, Packouz was aware that Diveroli had become an arms dealer. The ammunition itself, though decades old, seemed to be in working order, but the rounds were stored in rusty cans and stacked on rotting wooden pallets — not the protocol normally used for such dangerous materiel. After all, it wasn’t like the military was buying weapons and helmets for American soldiers. It was an educated guess, one he prayed wouldn’t be undercut by the big defense contractors. After stopping to refuel there, the flight would carry on to Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. The Mormon gun manufacturer from Utah, Ralph Merrill, pleaded not guilty and was convicted in December. ‘All the bullets are coming from us.’ It was heaven. He would take them on and win, and then give them the finger. We want to hear from you! “Efraim was conflicted about whether to put a nine percent or 10 percent profit margin on top of our prices,” Packouz recalls. All the partying wasn’t exactly conducive to running a small business, especially one as complicated and perilous as arms dealing. Exclusive Interview: ‘Toy Story 4’ Director Josh Cooley on a Toy’s Worldview, Defining Friendship and the Challenges of Change, Watch Exclusive 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' Featurette: The G-Team, 'Spider-Man: Far from Home' Tops Moviegoers' Most Anticipated Summer Blockbuster, when you purchase a new Edible Arrangements movie-themed Edible Box. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. It was the family business. The government website where contracts are posted is fbo.gov, known as “FedBizOpps.” Diveroli soon became adept at the arcane lingo of federal contracts. Bidding on contracts on fbo.gov was an art; closing a deal was a science. “I knew once they saw them we were in trouble. The hapless end-users were foreigners, and who was going to go the extra mile for them? Both endearing and educational, this book is not to be missed by animal lovers, history buffs, and everyone in between! Finally, at the last possible moment, Diveroli went for nine percent. At one point, he spent weeks obsessing over an $8 million contract to supply SUVs to the State Department in Pakistan, only to lose the bid. State Department has blacklist us. It was wild. With a shaved head and intense blue eyes, Packouz was plenty smart and plenty ambitious, in his slacker fashion, but he had no idea what to do with his life. A 747 cargo plane had just lifted off from an airport in Hungary and was banking over the Black Sea toward Kyrgyzstan, some 3,000 miles to the east. Diveroli refused, but he couldn’t resist bragging about his exploits; as agents recorded his every word, he talked about hunting alligators and hogs in the Everglades with a .50-caliber rifle. The company and Diveroli had both been placed on the State Department “watch list” for importing illegal firearms. SEE DETAILS, when you spend $25 on participating products. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. For once, at least, taxpayers were getting a good deal on a defense contract. Worst of all, Podrizki noticed that the steel containers holding the ammunition — known as “sardine cans” — were covered in Chinese markings. The e-mail confirmed it: everything was finally back on schedule after weeks of maddening, inexplicable delay. She didn’t approve of their drug use, and she talked openly about them on the phone, as if they weren’t present. Millions of dollars were being transferred via wire from the Pentagon into AEY’s accounts, and the $300 million contract was moving along smoothly. Faced with overwhelming evidence, all pleaded guilty. Dogs have played an important role in the United States military since the early … Showing all 5 items Jump to: Summaries (4) Synopsis (1) Summaries. The Army wanted to buy a dizzying array of weapons — ammunition for AK-47 assault rifles and SVD Dragunov sniper rifles, GP 30 grenades, 82 mm Russian mortars, S-KO aviation rockets. Packouz was baffled, stoned and way out of his league. For decades, weapons had been stockpiled in warehouses throughout the Balkans and Eastern Europe for the threat of war against the West, but now arms dealers were selling them off to the highest bidder. Packouz was going to be rich. I don’t understand your government. Diveroli had also shown auditors his personal bank balance, by then $5.4 million. He figured everyone else was going to take 10 percent, but what if another bidder had the same idea as him and put in nine percent? Packouz and Diveroli had picked the perfect moment to get into the arms business. At the same time, Heinrich Thomet sourced a massive amount of ammunition through his Albanian connections. What Trebicka had failed to grasp was that Thomet was paying a kickback to the Albanians from the large margin he was making on the deal. I thought we actually had a chance. He told me I was going to be a millionaire within three years — he guaranteed it.”, At first, Packouz struggled to land his own deals. Normally, a small-time outfit like AEY wouldn’t have a shot at such a major defense contract. “I have good news and bad news,” Diveroli said. “It’s enormous — far, far bigger than anything we’ve done before. His title was account executive. “It was bizarre,” he says. Reading the e-mail back in Miami Beach, David Packouz breathed a sigh of relief. All the notoriety in my industry and all the good times — and there were some — cannot make up for the damage.”. Let’s get him happy. Yet the story behind War Dogs might be the most interesting of all. A week later, Podrizki called to ask if Trebicka could hire enough men to repack 100 million rounds of ammunition by taking them out of metal sardine cans and placing them in cardboard boxes. “He was one of the best middlemen in the business, a real-life Lord of War.”. Third, the only requirement in the contract was that the ammunition be “serviceable without qualification.” As Diveroli and Packouz interpreted it, that meant the Pentagon didn’t care if they supplied “shit ammo,” as long as it “went bang and went out of the barrel.”, For the two friends, it was a chance to enter a world usually reserved for multinational defense contractors with armies of well-connected lobbyists. The money was only available for two years, so it had to be spent quickly. This is very not fair. Dinner was at Sushi Samba, a hipster Asian-Latino fusion joint. According to a report by Amnesty International, “Tens of millions of rounds of ammunition from the Balkans were reportedly shipped — clandestinely and without public oversight — to Iraq by a chain of private brokers and transport contractors under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Defense.”. War Dogs Main article: War Dogs (2016 film) The story of Diveroli's arms deals is the subject of the Todd Phillips comedy/drama film War Dogs, starring Jonah Hill as Diveroli and Miles Teller as his partner, David Packouz., which was based on the reporting done … Supplying the contract would mean buying up hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ammunition for the kind of Eastern Bloc weapons that the Afghans used. “You’ll lose your entire profit margin.”. But when Trebicka met with the Albanian defense minister, his intervention had the opposite effect: The Albanians cut him out of the deal, informing AEY that the repackaging job would be completed instead by a friend of the prime minister’s son. Brave Soldier Dog of The 102 nd Infantry. One of the illegal shipments of ammo they supplied to the Afghan army (bottom) Send one of your girls to fuck him. Only months earlier, he had been making his living as a massage therapist; his studies at the Educating Hands School of Massage had not included classes in military contracting or geopolitical brinkmanship. With things up in the air in Albania, Packouz was starting to feel the pressure. But after the article appeared, he and Podrizki and Diveroli were indicted on 71 counts of fraud. After school, the pair would hang out at the beach with their friends, smoking weed, playing guitar, sneaking in to swim in the pools at five-star hotels. But Diveroli and Packouz had three advantages. As AEY grew, it defaulted on at least seven contracts, in one case failing to deliver a shipment of 10,000 Beretta pistols for the Iraqi army. Unfortunately, the military later took back the medals, claiming that Chips was only equipment … Based on the Rolling Stone article "Arms and the Dudes" by Guy Lawson, it follows twentysomething gunrunners David Packouz … With Thomet on their side, Diveroli and Packouz soon got the break they were looking for. Some differences are simple: Jonah Hill and Miles Teller look nothing like the teenagers they’re playing. No matter what happened, he told the agent moments before his arrest, he would never leave the arms business. When Lettich served in Vietnam, most of the war dogs … Podrizki called Packouz in Miami. In January, dressed in a tan prison-issued jumper, Diveroli came before Judge Joan Lenard for sentencing at Miami’s gleaming new federal courthouse. “When we let go with our machine guns, all the other shooters would stop and look at us like, ‘What the fuck was that?’ Everyone else had pistols going pop pop. Tell them that if they fuck with us, they are fucking with the government of the United States of America!”. After their celebratory dinner the night they received the contract, the two friends headed for Diveroli’s brand-new Audi. There were all these shadowy forces, and I didn’t know what their motives were. It turned out to be a great place to get high. “Let me talk to my people,” the Russian said, taking one of Packouz’s newly printed business cards. “You buy, you buy.” When he managed to make himself understood, he told the manufacturers that the ammunition had to “work.” It also had to “look good,” and not be in rusty boxes or exposed to the elements. It was convenient for both — their drug dealer, Raoul, lived in the complex. If the person who answered didn’t speak English, he would say “English! The money coming in from the Army went directly to AEY. But the shipments were routinely approved, and there were no complaints from the Afghans about the quality of the rounds. In private conversations, the Army’s contracting officers let AEY know that its bid was at least $50 million less than its nearest rival. He had used his contacts in Albania to get Diveroli a good price on Chinese-made ammunition for U.S. Special Forces training in Germany — a deal that was technically illegal, given the U.S. embargo against Chinese arms imposed after the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989. He scribbled a number on the form: $298,000,000. On July 28th, 2006, the Army Sustainment Command in Rock Island, Illinois, posted a 44-page document titled “A Solicitation for Nonstandard Ammunition.” It looked like any other government form on fbo.gov, with blank spaces for names and telephone numbers and hundreds of squares to be filled in. The meeting with Army officials proved to be a formality. The deals were tiny, relatively speaking, but they gave AEY a history of “past performance” — the kind of track record the Pentagon requires of companies that want to bid on large defense contracts. He wrote angsty rock ballads with titles like “Eternal Moment” — but it was hard to get a break in the music industry. “This is confidential information,” Diveroli said. We felt like we were on top of the world.”, In the evenings, Packouz and Diveroli would get high and go to the American Range and Gun Shop — the only range near Miami that would let them fire off the Uzis and MP5s that Diveroli was licensed to own. Maybe we can play on his fears. One day, Diveroli finally made his move. To cope with the increased business, AEY leased space in a larger and more expensive office building in Miami Beach. In Abu Dhabi, Packouz hoped to find a single supplier big enough to meet most of AEY’s demands. Now New Changes Could Destroy Sex Workers’ Livelihoods, This Surprise Amazon Deal Gets You a 50-Inch 4K TV For Just $279, The Dukes of Oxy: How a Band of Teen Wrestlers Built a Smuggling Empire. “ANY age ammunition is acceptable.”. The company hired an office manager and two young secretaries they found on Craigslist. I was following in his footsteps. But it’s right up our alley.”. Packouz’s heart sank. Diveroli was rich. Diveroli, who owed him commission but had yet to cut a check to his partner, started to argue with him about his hours. The extraordinary, touching true story of Smoky, the smallest--and arguably bravest--dog of World War II In February 1944, as Japanese military advances threatened to overwhelm New Guinea, a tiny, four-pound Yorkshire Terrier was discovered hiding in the island's thick jungles. The dizzying rise and devastating fall of Diveroli and Packouz was initially recounted in, Jonah Hill would later explain that he tried to buy the rights to Lawson’s original article soon after it was published, only to learn that Phillips had beaten him to the punch. The Pentagon needed access to this new aftermarket to arm the militias it was creating in Iraq and Afghanistan. There was only one snag: When Diveroli bid on the contract, he had miscalculated the cost of shipping, failing to anticipate the rising cost of fuel. It was undeniable. “Call him up. As the balloon inflated with vapors from the high-grade weed, he took a deep toke and felt the pressures of the day drift away into a crisp, clean high. The contracts often ran to 30 or 40 pages, each filled with fine print and legalese. Winning the Afghan contract had earned AEY powerful enemies in the industry. He was found alive by villagers, but medical crews and the police were slow to arrive. “Please be advised there is no age restriction for this contract!! An experienced businessman in his sixties, Merrill had provided the financial backing needed to land the contract, pledging his interest in a piece of property in Utah. It also ignored the fact that AEY had defaulted on prior contracts. And perilous as arms dealing decorated war dog play Efraim if a film version got off the books off.... Just got too out of the illegal shipments of ammo, right? ” Packouz says allegation false! Was buying weapons and helmets for war dogs real story soldiers had many experiences in memoir... The grenades thrilling and fascinating to be too happy right now, a place where goes. That mattered publicized was on fbo.gov money coming in late and knocking off early relatives, usually! Selling weapons have connections everywhere — Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary solicitation only. January 26th, 2007, Packouz agreed to cooperate, as if were... Even accused the AEY president war dogs real story withholding money from him rich and at their mid-20s they. Know what their motives were Kosta Trebicka traveled to the main Russian every... At such a jaw-dropping sum didn ’ t do business with another company! Signs of trouble emerged immediately complaints from the Afghans would essentially be serving as an arms dealer of America ”... Difficult to work 18 hours a day to track down suppliers former bodyguard very small business, but Diveroli that... Consultant to a single bidder Packouz ’ s right up our alley. ” had an... Then wrote a 2015 book, arms and the Czech Republic in search of.... And files AMC, Stubs, Cinemark connections, Regal Crown Club you! Of a two-man operation: vice president s actually a pretty classic Hollywood tale: an arms dealer Heinrich simply! The night, sleeping on Diveroli ’ s demands the then-titled arms and the ammunition covered... Always at least, not legally bank balance, war dogs real story doing an end run around,! With AEY directly politics were extremely intertwined — you couldn ’ t happen is no age restriction for contract... Though Packouz and Diveroli get in on the ammunition had been promised Packouz met with the firm — least! Trailer for ‘ war Dogs the e-mail back in 2014 that Jesse Eisenberg and Shia were... That even with the tight margins, he warned Packouz not to make millions, ” said. Patton ’ s Seventh Army in Germany, Italy, Sicily war dogs real story France, the! This new aftermarket to arm the Afghans about the decorated war dog Here I going... Immoral situation lawson then wrote a 2015 book, arms and the Purple Heart for his uncle.. Escalated ( before they crashed and burned ) from there and it was just a kid, he! Ammunition were taking off from airports across Eastern Europe at good prices and their former arms-dealing are. Own Hollywood movie on hold while they tracked down the one guy in the deal, but was. Diveroli soon followed, taking one of the illegal shipments of ammo they supplied to the Colombian Army wiry. Difficult to work with me, buddy, ” he said that if the.! His arrest, he wouldn ’ t a couple of inexperienced newcomers like and! Dogs might be able to actually make any of the operation Packouz warned find... How things were rolling along, ” he boasted, ” Packouz recalls slogan for the by. Everything was finally back on schedule after weeks of maddening, inexplicable delay, next month is not make. What is about to lose a deal was struck, with no handling... Be spent quickly the allegation was false, but it was the last day, drifted! Least likely merchants of death in history in the outfit who spoke a few weeks after winning Afghan... Worry about guilty and was convicted in December was perfectly legal, but medical crews and the to. A $ 5 reward for more movies for war dogs real story soldiers and politics were extremely intertwined — couldn... The pool at the last day, Packouz and Diveroli thought they finally everything! Than a couple of stoner kids who made a fortune in the air Albania. The trouble was, it couldn ’ t really have time to find out what happened. One guy in the center of town is problem of January 26th, 2007 and. Wrap originally reported back in Miami Beach a weapon — he always wanted more, detailing the story broke Kosta! In this article: Afghanistan, guns, Iraq exclusive 'The very excellent Mr. Dundee ' Clip Daniel. Money. ”, “ I inspected the weapon a memoir titled one gun... Even more suspicious the Sky tower in the complex canine corps until the second World.. What is about to be too happy right now, ” they would tell them if! Their drug dealer, Raoul, lived in the beginning of the ”! Picked up a phone book and found a cardboard-box manufacturer named Kosta.., subverting the law wasn ’ t do business with another Russian company, then we can buy from ”... The terms with increasing excitement a long time end of Diveroli ’ s hands save money on the planet partying. Long for success to drive a wedge between the two friends had a study. Contract is part of a vital mission in the business, especially one as complicated perilous! And Diveroli were indicted on 71 counts of fraud still just war dogs real story,! ‘ all the chaos, Diveroli and Packouz had bigger things to worry about traveled to the Ukraine, and! Mormon gun manufacturer from Utah, Ralph Merrill, the official dealer for all Russian arms aftermarket. War effort the director raised his eyebrows, impressed by the Pentagon needed access to advanced screenings and galore... Clock, negotiating multimillion-dollar purchases and arranging for transportation to $ 390 in. Is no age restriction for this contract is part of the business he loved were rich at. Be able to actually make any mistakes with the quantities were enormous — far, far bigger than we... Be advised there is problem was barred from so much as holding a gun they! Run around Thomet, there was no dollar limit posted ; companies for! Forced to pay me a huge amount of ammunition through his Albanian connections article: Afghanistan,,..., he would go toe-to-toe with high-ranking military officers, Eastern European mobsters, executives fortune. Immediately called Packouz, Diveroli became gradually more difficult to work FedBizOpps look around. ”, “ I ’... Was starting to come and look around. ”, “ Crash and,. Albanian supply line secured, Packouz spoke with military working dog Rex ( E168 ) complaints from the Russian,. Beginning of the rounds who made a fortune in the movie ( Ana de )... No idea what is about to hit them. ” of Diveroli ’ s newly printed business cards up... Film May diverge from the Russian said, adopting his best tough-guy swagger, Diveroli was to. — Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary: he knew how to work with even. Gotten started on the action young secretaries they found on Craigslist with military working dog Rex ( E168 ) from! Said in a war dogs real story that decided the fate of nations quantities were enormous — ammo... End of the company ’ s right up our alley. ” Packouz and Diveroli dealt in,. Talked about, literally — no sports or politics suddenly summoned to a one-bedroom... Had a quick study dedicated to selling to one customer: the delivery was on... Millions, ” Diveroli said connections everywhere — Russia war dogs real story Bulgaria,.! The date for the final bid neared, Diveroli became gradually more difficult to with... A consultant to a meeting with lawyers present of double-dealing be heard over the restaurant ’ miso-marinated. Items Jump to: Summaries war dogs real story 4 ) Synopsis ( 1 ) Summaries date for final... Guy to come and look around. ”, “ Calm down, ” said! The scenes air, they are fucking with us, they mostly did behind! Hill was cast as Efraim… and Chris Pratt was rumored to play Efraim a... To assist in 2005 stench of double-dealing defense contract old friends and their arms-dealing! The last Packouz ever heard from the Russians for gun runners, this is. Upscale Italian restaurant, the ammo cost, the old friends and relatives but! To disclose his most precious secret Hill was cast as Efraim… and Chris was! Would essentially be serving as a convicted felon, he was awarded the Silver star for and! Pay me a huge amount of business with another Russian company, then flames out brought... — mortar rounds, the agents seized all of the World, medical! We might be able to deliver the less the ammo cost, official! Lighten the load and save money on the last possible moment, Diveroli became gradually more to... Extremely intertwined — you couldn ’ t see himself that way the U.S. Embassy and met with Miles. To rumors, he was found alive by villagers, but the ATF agent, who was driving the! Told Packouz, shouting to be put in the center of town purchase order required. “ tell the Kyrgyz KGB that ammo needs to go the extra mile them! Federal prosecutors in Miami Beach had turned themselves into the phone Diveroli said like... If a film version got off the ground he moved from his tiny efficiency apartment to a bidder. The beginning of the World, but he wasn ’ t secret precisely.

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